Answered Prayer

A couple of months ago my Aunt got really sick and was in a lot of pain.  She had been sick last winter but recovered from it.  She went to the doctor who did an ultra sound and they found that she had had Strep which caused damage to her internal organs.  They found abscesses on her liver, her colon, her bladder and aorta.  she was in the hospital 10 days and they were getting ready to schedule surgery.  She told them to wait as she wanted to have her family and friends pray first so they let her go home.  A couple weeks later she went back to her heart surgeon and they did another ultra sound and discovered she was clear of abcesses.  No surgery needed.  She went back to the surgeon who was to do surgery on the other abcesses and they did an ultra sound.  No abcesses!  No surgery needed!  Prayer works.  God is so good!    Corrie Ehrhart