God is Greater than the enemy

I have many facebook friends throughout the world that share my love of making pottery and artistry and Jesus.  I have a friend in Pakistan and the Muslims tore down their church.  The Muslims there are very extreme and would kill them if they tried to rebuild one.  When my fb friend went to where the building was, there was one lady cleaning the floor with a broom.  This lady said that she felt we should rebuild the church.  While we were there, the Muslim leader came and said you are going to have your church again and I don’t understand it but I am going to pay for it.  God is greater than any work of the evil one.   Tom

Taking Back my Health

A couple weeks ago, Eddie Jewell was led to testify of something that was taken from him as a child and he said” we need to let go of what you feel the enemy has stole from you”.  My health has been affected so as he prayed for people to let go, I declared it with him.  I have found that I no longer take any more allergy meds and my blood pressure has been leveling out.  The enemy tried to steal my health but I took it back in Jesus name.   Lisa

Answered Prayer

A couple of months ago my Aunt got really sick and was in a lot of pain.  She had been sick last winter but recovered from it.  She went to the doctor who did an ultra sound and they found that she had had Strep which caused damage to her internal organs.  They found abscesses on her liver, her colon, her bladder and aorta.  she was in the hospital 10 days and they were getting ready to schedule surgery.  She told them to wait as she wanted to have her family and friends pray first so they let her go home.  A couple weeks later she went back to her heart surgeon and they did another ultra sound and discovered she was clear of abcesses.  No surgery needed.  She went back to the surgeon who was to do surgery on the other abcesses and they did an ultra sound.  No abcesses!  No surgery needed!  Prayer works.  God is so good!    Corrie Ehrhart

Changed Life

A couple of weeks ago we were at a benefit for a young teen who had been fighting cancer for 10 years.  After the singers performed, I felt we should go and pray for this teen.  I asked two of the singers if they would pray with me for him and one reluctantly said yes and the other said sure.  After we prayed for him the young teen had a scan a few days later and it was clear.  A few days after that, the girl who reluctantly came with me to pray told me that by praying with us that it changed her life.  Mark Schnitkey

A God Day

Last Saturday we were going around to the Rt. 127 Garage Sale Days and we ended up in Paulding where we ran into a Pastor we had met at the Air Fair. He was running a barbecue and we had time to spend talking with him and ministering to him in prophetic words and prayer. There was a lady nearby and we started chatting with her and ended up ministering to her and she accepted Jesus as her Savior. It was a wonderful God Day! Matt & Lesa

Insurance Paid

When I was on vacation last month, a deer rain out and hit my car.  I had recently changed insurance and the insurance did not take off the loaner car like I requested but removed my comprehension.  They didn’t want to help so I asked to talk to the next level up and they honored my claim and paid for the damage to be fixed since they had removed the wrong insurance.  I am thankful God is on my side.  Joyce

Finding Money

Quite a few of our people have been finding money and the other day Dave was walking over to the gas station and found $5.00 on the ground.   Betty

Help for New Business

My husband and I have been praying about how to get the word out about my new paint class business and the other day The Hubbard Co. called and they put out a free publication.  They had gotten my business card and wanted to put my business in there.  They also wanted to put an ad in but it would cost.  When we checked our checking account, we found that there was $715.00 more in our account so we were able to pay for an ad in this publication.  We finally figured it out that the insurance monies I ad paid in at my old job had paid me back since I no longer worked there.  God always provides!   Lesa 

Back Healed

We visited some friends over the weekend that we had not seen in a long time.  He is in the army but is being medically discharged because of 2 herniated disks.  I asked if I could pray for him and he said yes.  I prayed and he said he felt better so I prayed again and he said there was no more pain.    Joseph

Finding Money

I walked out of work the other day and looked down and found a $10 bill just laying in the parking lot with no one around.  A  nice blessing.