Back Healed

We had a great testimony service this morning (May 24, 2015). During that service, Mark asked if he could pray for me after service as God had put me on his heart. He asked if I had back pain and I acknowledged I had for some time. Well, I never turn down prayer. So I got with Mark at the back of the sanctuary and put my hand where the pea-sized bump was lodged at the top of my left hip. He put his hand over mine and we began to pray. We had prayed and stopped three times and each time the bump had gotten smaller. Lesa joined us and I began to feel intense heat all over. The root of the bump did not want to let go but as we persisted it finally dissolved. All of this in about ten minutes. I remember thinking to “not give up.” Keep going til it’s done. Push through.

I know God heals as He has healed me before. I’ll share those another time. But this pain was with me throughout the day, especially as I am seated for my job much of the time. Stretching helped but didn’t alleviate it. God doesn’t want us in pain in any way – physically, emotionally or spiritually. This healing will allow me to share what God can and will do if we ask, but it also strengthens the relationship with Him and that’s all He really wants anyway.

Wrapped in His love,     Marlene Sutton

Raise in Pay

I have been working at a company in Fort Wayne for the last two years and had not received any raises.  I went in and talked with my boss as to the possibility of a raise and without hesitation he said yes and I received $1.00 an hour raise on the spot.  Matt D.

Eye Pressure Lowered

I have glaucoma and when I went to the eye doctor he was concerned as my eye pressure was too high and talked about doing some surgery.  I really did not want to have any surgery.  I called and requested prayer and when I went back to the eye doctor, my pressure was way down and I do not have to have surgery.  Praise God.  Julie O.

Concussion healed

At the back of my house is a sunken patio that has 4 foot walls on either side of the cement patio.  My 3rd son was around 19 months old with two older brothers and I always watched very closely when they would go outside in the back yard so that they wouldn’t be walking on the cement walls.  As I was looking out the kitchen window I saw my 19 month old heading toward the patio and I immediately went to the back garage door off the kitchen to stop him.  As I came out the door I saw him fall on to the cement patio on his head.  He gave a loud shriek and when I got to him his eyes were rolled back and you knew this was really serious.  I picked him up and carried him into the house.  As he laid in my lap I prayed for him.  Being a new Christian, I was unsure what to do so I thought I should take him to the hospital.  I laid him on the front seat of the car and went next door and got the neighbor girl who came to watch my other 2 kids.  By the time we got to the hospital within 10 minutes, his eyes were open.  I carried him in and told the nurse what happened.  They immediately took him to have an x-ray.  By the time they were done he was sitting up and had a smile.  They said he had had a concussion but that it was healed and he was just fine.  Thank you God.  Joan O.


Last week my father passed away and he had touched so many peoples lives.  During the funeral a couple of people came up to me and we were talking and two sets of people that have daughters started talking and somehow I got on the subject of my daughter that I had lost from my first marriage when she was 17.  I went through the whole thing with them and it’s weird how bad things happen in your life and how God can turn them around to a positive influence in other peoples lives.  These two groups of parents were really touched by my daughters testimony and how everything happened in her life and how God had his hand on it with two potentially devastating things in my life but God has turned them and used them for good.

We have been talking about opening up our mouths and releasing our testimony and the word I got this morning was: We are in the midst of revelation that is being imparted to each one of us!  Revelation that is part of a whole, a portion of knowledge that will speak into someone’s life, a bit of truth that will bring to the surface that which has been hidden in that life.  The Holy Spirit is telling us to release what each one of us has been given.  The mysteries of this world are being released and it’s up to us to be the mouth piece that releases it.  I am waiting for you to draw near to me so I can show you the wonders that are from me!  There is much abundance that I have to give out to those who will draw near to me.  It matters not where you have been, only where you are going to be.  So, come to me and you shall see, yes come to me and you shall see!  Scott C.


Finding Money and Checks in the Mail

When we do the offering readings, I like the one where it says checks in the mail and finding money.  This happened in the last year and a half.  We had some stuff to do at the hospital and we paid a bill and when ever Bernie goes to the mailbox, I always ask her if we got any checks today.  She came in one day with an envelope.  I opened it and there was a check in it for over a thousand dollars.  If said if you need an explanation to call this number and I thought to myself, “I don’t need an explanation”.  I’m going to cash this cause it has my name on it.

A period of time went on and we went to the dentist and after that we got a check in the mail and it said a courtesy to patient and that refund was $300.  Another day we were walking down the street and I looked down and there was a $100 bill laying in the road.  Then about 3 weeks ago, we got another check in the mail that was a little over $200 and it also said that if you need an explanation to call this number.  I thought again, no, I don’t need an explanation.  Then 2 weeks ago we got another check for $270 and it said I over paid my bill so this was a refund.  So I was walking down the street again and there was a $5 bill just laying there so I picked that up.  My wife was in the hospital and we got something in the mail that said they declined payment on the procedure that she went through which was $8,500 and it said if you would like to appeal to call them.  I thought O yeah, I will appeal that.  I went to the hospital and the hospital said they already appealed that.  You don’t have to do anything and I still haven’t heard anything about that matter.  Ken F.

Two Testimonies

Every year the second graders go to Camp Lakota and camp out and have a wonderful time.  Our son Jacob has been talking about this trip since last fall and so was looking forward to it.  They were to leave this past Thursday morning.  On Wednesday afternoon I went to get him at the daycare he goes to after school.  He wasn’t outside and one of the teachers said he was laying down inside because he was sick.  I went and got him and he was burning up with fever.  Such disappointment I felt for him since he was to leave in the morning.  I put him in the car and went and picked up my wife from work.  When she helped him out of the car, she held him close and was praying for him.  I thought as soon as we got him inside, I was going to pray for him too.  By the time we got inside and I put my hand on his head, his fever was already gone.  When he got up in the morning he was absolutely fine and went on his trip and had the greatest time.

Sometime at work, people can really drag you down where you don’t want to be and yesterday I was having one of those days.  On my way back from a delivery I was praying Father, just give me a sprinkle and get me back where I need to be.  Just give me a drink.  I pulled in and coming in at the same time were Matt & Lesa.  She greeted me with “Hello Sunshine” and I looked up and immediately felt a difference in the way I was feeling.  I spent a few minutes talking with them and as they were leaving, Lesa turned and said “don’t forget to make a difference today”.  That really made my day.  Just a word or a touch can make the world of a difference.  Mark S.


Checks in the Mail

I am really particular about our check book and balances and right now we have two different insurance companies.  One on our old house and one on our new house.  Last month I got what I thought was a bill so set it aside.  When I was going through the bills, I saw it was not a bill but a check.  I checked all my past records and don’t know why I got this check but I am keeping it.  Cord E.

Elbow Pain Gone

When I was in high school I broke my elbow.  It healed fine but whenever it is rainy and damp out, my elbow would hurt so bad I could hardly use it.  One day about 5 years ago when I was still working at the hospital, my elbow was really hurting so I decided to take my break.  I went downstairs and was telling a couple christian’s that work in another office how it hurts and I was so tired of hurting.  They took me aside and prayed for me and my elbow hasn’t hurt since.  Joyce S.

Amazing Love

This morning I came to church with a heaviness on me.  I was thinking this would be the last day I would sing on the platform here and I spoke with pastor Tim about how my job had me traveling a lot and I could only be here about 50% of the time and it was not fair to him or the worship team or to anybody.  He just totally covered me with love and that it wasn’t a big deal but to me that was huge and I felt this was the first time I experienced such love from a leadership person and that things like this were just so simple.

Also, I have been in the hair designer industry for about 4 years.  I was offered a chance to buy into our salon company where we employ 40 people and are opening a 2nd location.  If I buy into this company the best thing about it is they are a faith based company and are all about growing people and pulling out their calling and their destiny.  I know God opened this opportunity for me.  Julie M.