No Breast Cancer

I had gotten a mammogram and the doctor noticed something unusual on the ultrasound that may or may not be something.  They made an appointment for me to go back in May for another ultra sound. During the time between ultrasounds, fear tried to get in.  I just kept praying and believing the word of God.  When I went back in for the second ultrasound, I was sitting in the changing room waiting to be called for the test.  I was silently asking God to show himself to me when the words “you are the apple of my eye” came to mind.  I had not heard that scripture in a long time and I knew that God had me and all fear left.  I had the ultrasound and the doctor said it was all clear.  God is so good!  Zulena C.

Blessings Back

I went to the store in Defiance last week and was at the check out and it was taking longer than usual to get through the check out.  I was in a hurry but I noticed the guy behind kept shifting from one leg to the other leg so I told the clerk just to add his merchandise to mine and I would pay for it.  It was so wonderful to see his expression and gave me such joy in my heart.  He turned around and asked me if he could pray for me.  That was such a cool blessing!  Betty H.

Sharing God’s Word

I am an art teacher and I know quite a few artists that I chat with on the internet all over the world.  One day I was asking God if I was making a difference by my sharing of the word on line to the other artists and how can I share your word with more people.  One day I was sharing from Romans 8:22-27 with a gal from Japan and she so appreciated the word.  She said she was so angry and said she couldn’t pray and the word I shared ministered a lot to her.  The word was on how Jesus and the Holy Spirit within us pray and intercede for us all the time.  She went on to say, “I hope you are not angry but I share what you have been sharing with me with a friend of mine.  Actually she said, I sent it to several friends and I interpret it for those who don’t speak English.  I asked her how long it takes her and she says it takes a long time but I do it everyday.  Tom E.

Baby Girl

My son was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to have one testicle removed.  He was always concerned that he might not be able to father a child.  After his marriage, he and his wife were prayed for and she got pregnant and now they have a beautiful baby girl.

At work, I have a christian co-worker and we are given many chances to pray with different coworkers.  Sometimes we get to see healing’s right away and others we don’t but we know God is working and we are so thankful that no matter where we are, Jesus is with us and working through us.  Lisa H.

New Shoes

I am on the Track Team at school and after one of my last races I noticed that my shoes had holes in them and so thought it’s time for some new shoes.  I got an Instagram about a contest to receive new running shoes with spikes and so I entered and won the free running shoes.  Jonathan C.


I have been having trouble sleeping at night and I was getting myself worked up about not being able to sleep that night and was so itchy and kept scratching my legs.  My husband prayed for me and then we just talked about different things.  After awhile, he said, you have not scratched since we prayed.

I have also been having a lot of lower back pain which had also affected my neck.  On Sunday there was a word about someone having lower back pain.  I went up for prayer and they had me sit down and checked my legs and my one leg was shorter than the other.  As they prayed I watched my leg grow out to the same length as the other and I feel so much better.  No more pain!  Melissa S.

Daughter & Grandson healed

My daughter went to the doctor and they thought she had cancer.  I prayed for her and she found out it was not cancer.  My little grandson was told he had Hepatitis C and after I prayed for him, he went for a test and he was clear of any Hepatitis.  Mike V.S.

New Job

I live in Delphos and had been going everywhere for a job, even to Lima.  Two weeks ago I stopped by the ice cream shop in Delphos and had an interview on the spot and was immediately hired.  Danielle L.


Bonus Received

I was at work the other night and went to the pop machine to get a diet pop.  I put the money in and the machine said you got a bonus today and ended up getting a free pop.   Joyce S.

Another Miracle

God has performed another miracle in our life, Brooke’s platlets began to go up by the time we reached the hospital, normal platlets are 100,000 and brooke’s was only 5,000. they made us drop everything and pull Brooke out of school and get her there as soon as possible. so, last night after we reached the hospital her platlets had gone up to 11,000 and then after her first treatment they doubled, her number was then 27,000 and by this afternoon the doctor told us they were well on their way to 100,000. He said that she had improved so much that she would not be needing the second or third treatments and that she could go home within a few hours. Praise God!!!! We have been so thankful and there are just no words to express our happiness. we feel like we won the biggest lottery, our God is amazing!! Jesus is the giver of healing and Brooke is now a living testimony of His greatness! Thank you everyone, the most amazing thing the doctors told us was how close we came to losing her and how much the Spirit demanded that I take her in to the doctor even though she was not showing any signs of being sick, except some bruises. She never stopped playing and I had no real reason to believe she needed to get in that quickly, I even had a lot to do and thought i would just wait until monday, but the Spirit wrestled with me and I finally said I don’t know why but I have to take her now, and I give HIM (Jesus ) all the praise for saving her life ! Thank you again for lifting her up in prayer! It is so good to have a supportive church family! —Julie