A Message from Our Pastors

Welcome! We’re glad you have ventured onto this page.

In the last few years, God has been moving in unprecedented ways bringing a fresh wind to His body. Even more, the people of our church have been going out among their friends, family, co-workers, and into the community where we are seeing God move by His Spirit to change lives, heal, deliver, and bring people into a new level of relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our message to you is pretty simple. God is in a good mood and heaven is invading earth!

This website has some pretty cool testimonies on it for you to read and be encouraged by. We will also be putting up sermons from time to time for you to download or listen to via streaming audio and video.

If you are able, come join us for our weekly Sunday meeting or one of our small groups for “Christian practice”. We’ll do our best to equip you and send you out onto the “field” ready to bust through the enemy’s line and bring God’s touch down to a world in need.

We believe that you are destined to be a “supernatural being having a temporary earthly experience” and not the other way around.

God is rocking our world!

Pastors Tim & Lisa Hacker